About us

"Isn't the air a very dangerous element?" Wilbur Wright was asked 1903 in Paris by an inhabitant. "Madam", he answered, "the air is totally innocuous. The only dangerous thing at flying is the earth."

With more than 300 sun-days, the Algarve is one of the weather-surest regions of the world. Hardly any other coast can compare with it.

Skydive Algarve is home-based at the Aerodromo Municipal de Portimão. From the airport of Faro, you drive about 65km/40 miles on a new highway in direction west. We can reserve a rental car for you.

Your advantage: you do not need a shuttle-bus-service to take you to the nearest rental car company. Our rental-cars are delivered to you directly at the airport and the airport is also the location where you drop-off the rental-car before your flight leaves.

You will hardly find a place to skydive in Europe, which - just like at Skydive Algarve -is situated in the immediate proximity to the beach. You can use this advantage for yourself as well as for your family.

While your family is enjoying vacations on the beach, you learn through our Skydiving School how to parachute/skydive (based on the regulations of the German Parachuting Federation, internationally approved). After a ground-course of 2 days, you will jump out of 4000 metres/13000 feet, accompanied by two freefall-instructors (more information ....).

The weather conditions, together with outstanding infrastructure in the vicinity of the drop-zone, are attracting active skydivers from central and northern Europe for the last 10 years. The Swiss team VIVA puts up its training-camps in the recent years during x-mas. World team member Christoph Seibold -4Auge- has established a 28-way Formation-Team over x-mas, as well. Skydiving clubs from England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland during the winter season are moving their skydiving activities including first jump courses and progression training-camps south to Skydive Algarve. Here beginners and expert skydivers alike are „warmly welcomed at the southwesterly drop-zone of Europe".

Today, SKYDIVE ALGARVE stands for:

  • powerful DO28(T) aircrafts (wintertime)
  • fulltime operation with Cessna 182
  • professional organization of the dropzone
  • international parachute events
  • qualified parachute trainers/coaches
  • profound instruction jumps
  • experienced and renown instructors for FreeFly, Birdman-Flights, Canopy-Handling
  • infrastructure friendly to jumpers (board and lodging)
  • nice weather
  • wonderful panorama setting

This persons are standing for SKYDIVE ALGARVE:

Dr. Rainer "EXI" Hoenle

Number of jumps: 5200
Record holder German national record 156-way
President of German Parachute Association DFV/GPA
IPC Vice President
Member and Advisor in IPC Sports commissions
Organizer of competitions.
Besides this I get patients to radiate - by applying radioactive substances - and myself through a jump here and there.

Norbert Meier

Number of jumps: 6500
parachute instructor
Organizer of several boogies, like e.g.:
- 16-way Competition in Halle/ Oppin
- Mi-8 Chopper-Boogie in Blomberg
German Champion in 8-way-Formation Skydiving 1982 and 1984
World Championship participant: 1983 South Africa and 1985 Yugoslavia
Regional Delegate for Northrhine-Westfalia in the DFV/GPA (German Parachute Association)
Chairman of the FSC Soest-Bad Sassendorf e.V. e.V.
Accident surveyor
In my true life I'm Traffic Security Consultant with the Police-Department of Paderborn.

Evelin Meier

Number of jumps: 200 (long time ago)
I jumped for the first time 1983 in Hassfurt (Unterfranken).
At this time only static line instruction was common and I started jumping with a round canopy.
Now I organise
- Parachute School Skydive Salamanca